Do not answer the employers (UH) salary payment survey

The Employer (University of Helsinki) has published an salary payment survey “the questionnaire if you will work on the strike day, 28 February”. This survey has been announced in Flamma and survey link has been sent to employees via e-mail.

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) advice is that such a questionnaire should not be answered.

FUURT has informed that its members are on strike and an individual employee does not need to tell whether they are participating in the strike.

Flamma information on the questionnaire:

Some work done at the University of Helsinki has been excluded from scope of the strike. You can check the list of the work that the strike does not apply to from JUKO’s instructions for industrial action (link below). If your work falls under one of these categories, contact the Employer only after the strike. In any case, do not answer the questionnaire/survey of the Employer.

As the collective action bargaining negotiations are still going on, there is no guarantee that the strike will be held. Thus, also HUART members cannot answer the Employers question on participation to the strike.

Please see HUART’s FAQ on strike for further information:

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