Why join HUART?

Most important of all, as a member of HUART and FUURT your interests will be defended and you will receive support and guidance on national and local levels. Support and guidance comes from shop stewards, HUART board members and the HUART office. In addition you will receive help from the FUURT office and the solicitors FUURT cooperates with.

By paying a percentage of their gross salary, salaried HUART members will join the Teachers’Unemployment Fund. Earnings-related unemployment benefit for all members of FUURT local associations comes from the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

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Welcome to join HUART!
Who may join?
Membership benefits
Membership fees
Updating your membership information

Welcome to join HUART!

Welcome to HUART! The Association acts as your link to the University and its staff policy and safeguards your professional and salary interests. Together we are strong!

How to apply for membership

  • Please fill in the electronic membership form. If the electronic form does not function you can print a paper form and send it to the HUART office.
  • The HUART Board will process your application as soon as possible, at the latest in the next board meeting.
  • After the decision the applicant will be informed about it and new members will be sent an information package about HUART. If needed, you may be in contact with the HUART Organization Secretary about the decision. In about 30 days, you will receive a membership card and other useful information.

Good to know

  • Membership begins on the day the electronic application form has been sent or the paper version has been signed and dated. However, if an application is received at the HUART office more than seven days later than the day the form was signed, the day of receipt will be the first day of membership.
  • If you want your membership to begin on some other day than the form has been filled in/signed, please inform the FUURT’s Organisation Secretary. Please note that the membership may not begin retroactively.
  • Member are responsible themselves for paying their membership fees. Especially many unemployment funds want that all payments have been made before a possible term of unemployment begins. This is why we recommend that you submit power of attorney to the office/person responsible for your employer’s payroll. With power of attorney the payment is deducted directly from your salary, and human errors may be avoided. However, it is good to check your payslip to see that the payment has been made.

We send you an info letter when your membership has been approved at HUART Board meeting. You can take a look at the info letter also here: HUART membership letter 2019.pdf

Who may join?

The Helsinki University Researchers and Teachers Association may be joined by a person with an academic degree who works at the University of Helsinki or an equivalent scientific institution in a teaching, research or other post.

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers is always joined through a local association, so as a HUART member you are a member of FUURT and Akava.

Researchers working on grants and persons on parental leave, in military service or equivalent, undergraduates, the unemployed and those about to retire should check the information below on special conditions in joining HUART.

Researchers working on grants

Researchers working on grants from funds or foundations may join HUART. Please see the information available on reductions for grant researchers .

During grant period researchers can not join the unemployment fund like salaried researchers. However, the length of the employment relationship is not regulated, so even a very brief employment contract entitles you to membership in the unemployment fund. If one is already a member of the fund, however, there is no requirement to resign from the fund at the start of a grant/scholarship work period.

Apart from membership in an unemployment fund, membership benefits are the same than for salaried members. Grant researchers must pay their pension contributions through MELA (Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution). For more information, see the MELA website.

However, unemployment benefits for them improved in 2009. Now grants do not count as income when determining the amount of the daily allowance for researchers who have been on a grant term (the amount of the allowance is typically determined on the basis of established pay earned during the preceding period of work) but they do count as an acceptable reason to prolong the 28-month period of scrutiny, for a maximum of seven years.

A grant researcher who transfers from a grant to a salaried position must inform the FUURT or HUART office about this. This is especially important when a member who has joined HUART during a grant term begins a salaried position for the first time during her/his membership. Only at this point a member of HUART may become a member of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

For more information, please visit FUURTs guide Grant Information for Researchers. Further instructions may be also obtained from the FUURT’s office.

Parental leave; military service etc.

Members who are on parental leave or take leave to fulfil their military service or equivalent may remain members of HUART.

The membership fee is reduced for these groups and they have access to membership benefits. However, unemployment benefit is not accumulated in the unemployment fund, but it can be counted as an acceptable reason to prolong the 28-month period of scrutiny. See more information on the pages of the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ).

Student members

Undergraduate students who seek to pursue a career in academia may join HUART and pay a reduced membership fee. Student members have a right to speak but no right to vote in meetings of the Association.

Apart from unemployment benefit their membership benefits are the same as for salaried members. If a student members wishes to accrue unemployment benefit through HUART, s/he must be a full member and fulfill the same criteria. See more on who become a full member here.

Postgraduate students may join HUART as full members and their membership fees depend on whether they are salaried or grant researchers.

The unemployed

When a HUART member becomes unemployed, s/he pays a reduced membership fee.

If you are unemployed and fulfil the criteria set by the unemployment fund to receive earnings-related unemployment allowance, it is essential than you continue paying your HUART membership fees. Even a month’s gap in membership fees disqualifies you for earnings-related allowance.

See more information on how to prepare for unemployment and what to do if you become unemployed.

Twin membership

Many trade unions have an agreement on twin membership with the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT). This means that the member may belong to two trade unions, and is entitled to pay reduced membership fee to one of these unions. The conditions vary according to bilateral agreements.

The interests of persons with an employment contract with the University and/or the Academy of Finland are taken care of by FUURT.

More information on twin membership from the Union’s Organization Secretary.


A member of HUART may remain one after retirement. The annual membership fee for a retired member is 60 €. Retired members are entitled to the same membership benefits as others apart from the unemployment fund.When you retire, please inform the FUURT’s organisation secretary Mari Hurskainen (mari.hurskainen(at), so that your information may be updated. 

Membership benefits

As a member of HUART you are entitled to all the membership benefits of FUURT

HUART also publishes digitally a members bulletin four times a year.

Membership fees

In 2019 membership fees are:

  • 1.1% of your gross salary
  • 8 euros/month for grant researchers
  • 8 euros/month for those on parental leave, military service or equivalent, the unemployed and undergraduate students.
  • 60 euros/year for retired members

The percentage from your gross salary includes the membership fee for FUURT and the unemployment fund. The 1.1% fee is paid from your main monthly income, not from any extra income.

There are two different ways to pay your membership fee. You can  submit an authorization form to your employer or pay the fees yourself with an invoice.

If you submit an authorization form to your employer,it means that the the payment will be deducted directly from your gross salary. When using this option, please check the section “jäsenmaksuperintä” of your salary slip every month to ensure that the membership fee has been deducted from your salary.

Another option is to pay the fee yourself with an invoice from FUURT. The invoices are sent to you automatically when you join HUART and every year in January.  If you lose your invoice, please ask the FUURT FUURT Organization Secretary for new payment details.

You can easily check the situation of your membership fees from FUURTs E-services. If you have further questions on the membership fees, invoices or other related matters, please contact FUURT Organization Secretary.

Authorization form

Authorising your employer to deduct your HUART membership fee from your salary is an easy way to pay. Salaried members can submit power of attorney to the payroll officers at their workplace, and the fees are deducted directly from their salaries.

N.B.! The membership fee may not be deducted retroactively from your salary. Deductions begin from the next payment term after the employer has signed the document. Members are responsible themselves for the fee for the time between the first day of membership and the first day of direct deduction.

Print a form for authorisation

Instructions for filling in the form 

Union/local branch number: 181/003

Basis of amount: _1,1 %_

You find more information in paying the membership fees from the FUURT pages.

Updating your membership information

You can update your contact information easily at FUURT E-services. If you have trouble with the service, you may also contact FUURT’s Organization Secretary.

Your Finnish home address will automatically be updated to our members register if you do an official notification of change of address. However, your work address, e-mail or phone number do not update automatically, so please do inform the Union in case of any changes in these.

Changing your union or local association

If you are a member of a local FUURT association (such as HUART) and you want to transfer to another local association in another university or you want to transfer from another trade union to HUART, you must apply for membership in your association of choice and leave your previous union/association.

When you transfer from one union or local association to another, please make sure that the gap between the two memberships does not exceed 30 days. This way your membership in the unemployment fund is continuous and the benefits you have accrued are transferred with you

Leaving HUART

You may resign from HUART in writing. The letter of resignation should be sent by email to FUURTs FUURT’s Organization Secretary or as a hard copy to HUARTs office.

The day of resignation is the day the email was sent or the day the letter was signed and dated. Alternatively you may give a resignation day of your choice. However, the resignation day cannot be in the past.

Members must take care of all membership fee payments before they resign from HUART. Payment details can be obtained from FUURT’s Organization Secretary.


A member of HUART may remain one after retirement. The annual membership fee for a retired member is 60 €. Retired members are entitled to the same membership benefits as others apart from the unemployment fund.When you retire, please inform the FUURT’s organisation secretary Mari Hurskainen (mari.hurskainen(at), so that your information may be updated. Find more information on insurance benefits on:

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