The Helsinki University Association of Researchers and Teachers , HUART (Helsingin yliopiston tieteentekijät – Forskarföreningen vid Helsingfors universitet ry) is an interest organisation for academics and academic professionals at the University of Helsinki founded in 1967.

Our members are the researchers, teachers, postgraduate students and other academic and administrative professionals working at the University of Helsinki.

Due to its number of members, HUART is the largest member organisation of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers and the largest Akava-related organisation at the University of Helsinki. Akava is the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland, it is a trade union confederation for those with university, professional or other high-level education.

HUART monitors and actively promotes the rights of our members at the University. We are there when salaries are negotiated at the University and when you need information and support relating to pay and working conditions.

HUART organizes open discussion and info sessions, and recreational activities for it members. Follow us in Facebook and come join us!

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What does HUART do?
The board
Division of tasks with FUURT

What does HUART do?

HUART works actively to:

  • bind its members together
  • represent the interests of its members in collective labour negotiations
  • promote its members’ work-related rights and benefits

In addition, HUART seeks to secure the continuity of its members’ careers and to develop the terms of their employment contracts.

HUART acts as a local organisation especially at the University of Helsinki. The interests of HUART members are represented also by JUKO shop stewards and in collective labour agreement talks through the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) and Akava.


The goals of HUART are defined in the regulations of the Association and updated in its annually renewed Plan of Action.

The long terms goals of HUART are:

  • to raise the salaries of researchers, teachers and other academic professionals. Salaries must be raised together with the accumulation of scientific, teaching and other credentials and must be able to compete with other sectors of employment. Gender equality must prevail in salaries.
  • to improve the competitiveness of a career in academia and to ensure the continuity at the University of Helsinki.
  • to influence the number of research and teaching posts in the middle category and to make sure that the funding of postgraduate studies is developed further. HUART monitors the salaries of doctoral candidates and seeks to ensure that the salary benefits and the possibilities to receive supervision are the same for all postgraduate students. Fixed-term employment contracts must be at least of the same duration as the research project itself.
  • to ensure the conditions of developing higher teaching, research and doctoral training with adequate permanent funding and to raise the proportion of this funding in university funding as a whole. External funding must support the basic functions of universities.
  • to ensure that persons with doctoral degrees are employed in jobs that correspond to their level of education. HUART influences questions on the staff structure both inside the University and through FUURT.
  • to activate its members.

HUART’s annual Plan of Action is approved in its Autumn Meeting.
See the Plan of Action.


The Board is the decision-making body of HUART. The members of the board are elected for a two-year term in the Autumn Meeting, which is organised annually in November or December.
In addition to the Chairperson, eleven members are elected as well as their personal vice members. Members are elected so that five or six pairs of members and vice-members are at the end of their term biannually.

The board convenes to organise in the beginning of the year. The board elects a Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a Communication Officer among its members.

Board Members 2020

Chair: Tommi Kokkonen

Member Debuty Period
Isto Peltomäki Julia von Boguslawski 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Mietta Lennes Gwenaëlle Bauvois 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Laura Kortesoja Heidi Rautalahti 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Pirjo Nikula-Ijäs Paul Tiensuu 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Thomas Hackman Jussi Väliviita 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Matti Eräsaari Natalija Gustavson 1.1.2019–31.12.2020
Kaj Stenberg Tommi Mäklin 1.1.2020–31.12.2021
Syed Ashraful Alam Linda Hart 1.1.2020–31.12.2021
Yvonne Holm Anne Epstein 1.1.2020–31.12.2021
Leena-Maija Åberg-Reinke Panu Minkkinen 1.1.2020–31.12.2021
Olli-Pekka Kasurinen Heino Vänskä 1.1.2020–31.12.2021

Plan of Action

Plan of Action in finnish can be found here.

Division of tasks with the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers

Helsinki University Researchers and Teachers Association is one of the member associations of the nationwide Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT).

Joining a trade union happens always through a local association. By joining HUART you will receive the services offered by us, and benefits granted by FUURT and trade union confederation Akava.

HUART acts on the local level as a sub-organisation of FUURT, and its main task is to monitor the salaries, working conditions, legal status and social benefits of its members. HUART monitors that national agreements are applied accordingly and equally in the University of Helsinki and other workplaces of its members. Shop stewards negotiate with representatives of the employer if agreements are not followed. HUART representatives are present also in many administrative bodies of the University and FUURT.

HUART issues statements, drafts initiatives and organises events for discussing current issues. HUART shop stewards convene several times per year to update and share information. FUURT organises training events for shop stewards as well.

FUURT is responsible promoting for national – “macro level” – interests, drafting legislation and lobbying legislators.  Through the Public Sector Negotiating Commission (JUKO) of Akava, FUURT participates in negotiations concerning national collective labour agreements and local salary solutions. Shop stewards in all universities monitor the applications of collective agreements.

The union is a respected commentator in all reforms concerning the academic sector. It had a significant role in improving the Universities Act – to the extent that the Ministry for Education and Culture admitted that they did not have an understanding of the importance of the autonomy of universities before the union gave its statement.

Representatives of the union are in contact with decision-makers responsible for the status of university staff on a continuous basis. In addition, representatives of the union are present in, for example, decision-making bodies of Akava.

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