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If you cannot find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact HUART representatives (hyt-toimisto(at)helsinki.fi).

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Membership fees
Other membership issues
Problems at workplace

Membership fees

How can I check if I have paid my membership fees?

If you are not sure you have paid all your membership fees, you can check the payments you have made in the FUURT e-Services.  The portal can be accessed from the front page of the FUURT website.

Alternatively you may contact the FUURT’s Organisation Secretary.

It is important to take care of your payments. This is how you have access to the services of HUART/FUURT and earnings-related unemployment benefit.

How can I pay my membership payments that are due?

If you have forgotten to pay your membership fees, you can pay retroactively either through the eAsiointi portal or with index numbers you have received. If you have lost your payment details, you may contact  FUURT’s Organisation Secretary.

The easiest way to take care of payments for salaried members is to submit power of attorney to your employer.

Other membership issues

I do not receive mail from HUART and/or FUURT, who can I turn to?

If you think HUART or FUURT mail/email does not reach you, this may be due to your details not being up to date in our membership register.

You can update your contact information FUURT e-Services  or by contacting the HUART Organization Secretary (hyt-toimisto(at)helsinki.fi).

How do I transfer from one member association to another within FUURT?

If you are a member of a local FUURT association (such as HUART) and you want to transfer to another local association in another university or you want to transfer from another trade union to HUART, you must apply for membership in your association of choice and leave your previous union/association.

See information on joining HUART

When you transfer from one union or local association to another, please make sure that the gap between the two memberships does not exceed 30 days. This way your membership in the unemployment fund is continuous and the benefits you have accrued are transferred with you.

Problems at workplace

I am not treated appropriately in my workplace, what can I do?

Bullying or other kind of inappropriate treatment in the workplace is not to be endured. If you think such conduct takes place, contact your closest superior first. Your immediate boss is responsible for your adequate treatment in the workplace.

A bad atmosphere might be a passing phase, but if the situation endures, and your boss does not act to solve the problems, you may contact HUART shop stewards as well. Shop stewards can evaluate whether inappropriate conduct has taken place and whether you have been treated in an illegal manner.

Click here to see who HUART shop stewards are.

I think I have been made redundant on false pretences. What can I do?

If you think you have been made redundant against the regulations of your collective labour agreement, we recommend that you contact HUART shop stewards first.

With a shop steward you can discuss whether your rights as an employee have been violated. If there are grounds to suspect this, a shop steward can help you to receive the legal support needed.

Click here to see who HUART shop stewards are.

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